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Women have to fight harder… – An interactive session with a Pakistani journalist in India

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Gender discrimination cuts across all political and cultural boundaries around the world, as we have seen and studied extensively in India. Knowing this, it was still tremendously surprising to learn how similar the situation is in Pakistan, as a recent talk in Delhi by Kiran Nazish, an eminent young journalist from Pakistan made clear. Kiran […]

Transferred: Woman officer pays the price of resistance

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ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Minister for Industries and Production Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf Sheikh has transferred a grade-20 officer for resisting illegal appointments and corruption in the explosive department and other wings of the ministry, the Express Investigation Cell (EIC) has learnt. According to sources, the grade-20 officer, Nilofer Hafeez, opposed two summaries forwarded by the caretaker minister. […]

Botched ballots: Tribal women stand like a rock, refuse to abandon protest camp

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PARACHINAR: Tribal women from the upper parts of Kurram Agency are showing exceptional resilience in their protest against alleged rigging in NA-37, refusing to budge from the demonstration camp they set up on May 14 in front of the political agent’s office. “We were told you are weak and cannot rise for your rights, but […]

Women’s health in rural areas of Pakistan

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Pakistan is a developing country so its women have to face a lot of health problems particularly in rural areas. It is estimated that about 1,600 women per 100,000 die during childbirth. The main reasons of this alarming percentage are lack of education, health care centres and tribal customs that restricted the women from clinical […]

‘Impetus to women’s education essential for national uplift’

By: Anil Datta Unless educated women participate in the country’s labour force, Pakistan will get nowhere. Empowering women is imperative to becoming a globally competitive nation. These views were expressed by Dr Ishrat Husain, former State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor and the current Head of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, while delivering […]

Pakistan lags behind Nepal in women’s education

KARACHI: Pakistan has allocated only 2.3 per cent of its total budget for education sector in the newly announced budget which is even 0.3 per cent lesser than its allocation in 1999.Nine per cent of government spending is on education, placing Pakistan at 113th position amongst 120 countries on the Education Development Index. This was […]