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Importance of media campaigns highlighted

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LAHORE: In a session on the media at Marcon 2014, speakers highlighted the importance of media campaigns in the success or failure of films and TV dramas. Samit Tandon from India attributed a recent success of three Indian blockbusters to hype created about the films through media campaigns. He said a film drew crowed on […]

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TV plays of past

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I AM perturbed watching dramas/soaps on various TV channels. The theme in majority of the dramas is pretty much the same. It shows family disputes, wealth matters and strained relations with spouse. It appears that we have no positive things to show other than gloom. Now when there is so much depression because of poor […]

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Farooq Mengal goes from dramas to film

By: Sher Khan LAHORE: After being closely associated with the Pakistani drama industry for the past few years, producer-director Farooq Mengal has now decided to steer the wheel into another direction and shoot a feature film. Titled Hijrat, the Quetta-based director’s debut film is about a love triangle with a backdrop of human rights issues. […]

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