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Foreign dramas threaten Pakistani cultural values

ISLAMABAD: Artistes of the Pakistani showbiz industry said that a sequence of events hastened the collapse of the Pakistani movie industry but the two setbacks that stand out in this unwanted process are the decision to allow the exhibition of Indian films in Pakistani cinemas and the airing of foreign, especially Turkish and Indian, drama […]

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Turkish play

By: RIZWAN THE Pakistani public, which has gone crazy over the Turkish plays now being screened here, has not seen the best play called The Magnificent Century. It is about the political, military and love life of Suleiman the Magnificent. Almost the entire of Europe has been watching it for a year, with at least […]

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Protests against foreign dubbed content and his plans of taking Pakistani programmes to channels abroad

There was a time, back in the glory days of PTV, when streets would wear a deserted look during the broadcast of a popular drama serial. People would even schedule wedding functions around them and entire families got together to watch their favourite characters play out their lives on the small screen. More than a […]

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Turkish plays: futile controversy

By: AYESHA MAHMUD IN recent weeks people associated with the TV drama industry have made a huge uproar against the screening of Turkish plays on local TV channels. I am of the view that we, the viewers, should be the ones to decide about what we would like to watch, and the local drama fraternity […]

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Learning from Turkish soaps

By: SANA KHALIQ THE recent protests against foreign soaps being aired on TV channel is just another way of local producers, directors and artistes demonstrating their domination over the industry. It is quite interesting though that how a single Turkish drama was able to wreak havoc with the local industry. I would like to point […]

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