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Learning from Turkish soaps


THE recent protests against foreign soaps being aired on TV channel is just another way of local producers, directors and artistes demonstrating their domination over the industry.

It is quite interesting though that how a single Turkish drama was able to wreak havoc with the local industry. I would like to point out that the very same soap has been dubbed and aired in Europe and the Middle East. It was received as a major hit and none of the respective industries found them threatening in any way.

What our local industry needs to do is to act more sensibly and invite such ventures as to learn new techniques of story-telling and direction. Fresh new faces, good actors, new stories and mature scripts are what we need at the moment.

The people are tired of watching same old faces and baseless scripts. As far as cultural and religious aspects are concerned, Pakistani dramas contain such elements as well which are far from both our religion and culture.

Our industry needs to come over these double standards and bring something new for the people to attract their attention.


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