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Will YouTube ever be unblocked?

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Governments of Pakistan in the last decade have shown a propensity to inflict self-harm when it comes to new technologies, particularly the internet. The YouTube ban that was imposed more than two years ago has become an irrelevant laughing-stock. The ban has given rise to a reported acceleration in the development of proxies that may […]

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PTA chief pleads for YouTube ban lifting

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ISLAMABAD: The head of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Monday strongly defended before a Senate panel for lifting ban on YouTube before the parliamentary committee decided to move a resolution in the House as well as recommend the government for unblocking the popular content sharing site. Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights, which met at the […]

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Personal freedom of choice

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Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has blocked almost everything on the Internet in the name of security or morality. Who gave PTA this right to suffocate us? As a free citizen I have the right and authority to surf and watch whatever I want to. The PTA has no right to stop me in the name […]

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Ministry hesitant over YouTube opening

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By: Usman Cheema ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom is facing the situation of ‘who will bell the cat,’ as the government wants to reopen YouTube but is unable to find a shoulder to share load if something wrong happens. The Nation through reliable sources has learnt that the previous and incumbent governments are […]

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Hack and crack: Cyber crimes and the monetary losses inflicted

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By: Farrukh Zafar KARACHI: What if I tell you that your mobile SIM can be duplicated and used by another person for different motives, without you getting to know about it, let alone your approval? I know it’s illegal, but it’s happening. Now think beyond the misuse of your phone number, the possible impersonation itself. […]

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