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The ‘eastitist’: Ajmal Hussain may be lost but his work lives on

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KARACHI: For some of us, life is often mundane and drab, as if wrapped in a constant shade of grey. For others, it is forever brimming with colours. The late Ajmal Hussain fell into the latter category; as his daughter Samira Hussain-Friggeri summed up, “Even his tears were as bright as a rainbow”. Samira was […]

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Art galleries: the more the merrier?

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KARACHI: Over the last few years, Pakistan, especially Karachi, has seen an unprecedented boom in the field of fine arts. Suddenly artists are coming to the fore by the dozens, without dethroning the established names making the art scene all the more richer. Of course, it has a lot to do with the opening of […]

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