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Sindh-Balochistan coast under environmental pressure: report

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KARACHI: Environment experts have called for incorporating scientific principles of protecting the coast in development projects being undertaken along it, as coastal erosion according to them has aggravated in the areas where unplanned construction has been undertaken. There was a need for a policy to deal with the situation, they said while speaking at a […]

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Eco-Jihad: Planting Trees For Paradise

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ISLAMABAD: In the mid-90s, when the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Pakistan was conducting projects related to environmental rehabilitation and natural resource management in Kohistan and parts of Balochistan, the organisation faced opposition from local communities. “The society in those areas was very religious and sceptical of our work, so we tried to […]

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Environmental flows downstream of Kotri Barrage

By: F. H. MUGHAL THE International Union for Conservation of Nature had recommended 22 years ago that 27maf water must flow downstream of Kotri annually and at least 6,000 cusecs all the time. These figures were probably recommended in 1991, in response to the Water Accord 1991. The old IUCN figures would no longer be […]

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