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Freedom of expression and democracy

By: Malik Muhammad Ashraf Our nation has suffered enough at the hands of self-styled saviours and proponents of unconstitutional remedies to fix the maladies afflicting the system John Wilkes, a radical and popular politician of London, a journalist and pioneer of freedom of the press in Britain during the 18th century, writing in the first […]

The price of a misleading headline

By: Mazhar Abbas “Balach ko apni zameen bhi nahi mili” was the misleading headline ‘given’ to an article written by senior columnist Abdus Salam, alias Dr Chishti Mujahid, printed in the country’s leading Urdu weekly, Akhbar-e-Jehan, at the death of Baloch nationalist leader Mir Balach Marri. This headline eventually resulted in the murder of Dr […]

Media freedom part of Pakistan People’s Party manifesto: Kaira

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DINGA: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira on Sunday said that the PPP would seek people’s votes on the basis of its manifesto. Speaking after administering oath to the newly elected office-bearers of Media Council here, Kaira said the PPP-led government had launched several development projects in the country which were the […]