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The Express Tribune staffer meets sudden death

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ISLAMABAD: Huma Choudhary, a photojournalist for The Express Tribune, died on Saturday at a local hospital. She was 30. Choudhary was in the United Arab Emirates on an official assignment. While there, she suspected she had contracted food poisoning, according to colleagues and family who had spoken with her. She flew back to Pakistan Saturday […]

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From past to the present: Tired of studying colonial journalism, KU student launches own newspaper

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KARACHI: University of Karachi (KU) student Ali Raza once asked his teacher during his third year of Bachelor’s in journalism why we still study colonial journalism, its history and future. “Why can’t we learn about how journalism has evolved in Pakistan and where it is going today?” His teacher told him to go make his […]

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Newspaper reporter arrested near Pak-Afghan border

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Karachi: A correspondent of a Pakistani newspaper was arrested by security agencies in North Waziristan near Pak-Afghan border. The security forces detained Nasrum Minallah, correspondent of Express Tribune, along with his father, also a reporter, and four other journalists at Kajori check post in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) near Pak-Afghan border, at about 03:00PM on […]

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Tribune reporter beaten up

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ISLAMABAD: Fawad Ali, a staff reporter with The Express Tribune, was injured on Thursday, when a driver and conductor of a public transport wagon beat him up at Zero Point. The incident took place when driver of the van refused to complete the designated route. Irked by violation of rules, the reporter and other passengers […]

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Who killed Saleem Shahzad?

The purpose of government commissions, it seems, is to obfuscate rather than illuminate. They exist not to investigate but to give the impression of hard work. So, it was in the case of the judicial commission investigating the murder of journalist Saleem Shahzad. The commission was supposed to find out who was responsible for the […]

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Political change skips Fata’s women, for now

By Sumaira Khan Tribal areas have no female repres­entati­ves in parlia­ment. ISLAMABAD: For women of a strictly patriarchal and rigidly homosocial region, their only voice are their male counterparts. The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) is the only region of Pakistan that has no female representation in the National Assembly, or the Senate. In addition, […]

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Commission findings: No culprit named in Saleem Shahzad report

Vital questions go unanswered; monetary compensation for family recommended. By Asad Kharal LAHORE: The Saleem Shahzad Commission was asked to submit its report within six weeks of its formation. Six months down the line however, its final findings show little. The report, presented to the prime minister on Tuesday, has not held any institution or […]

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