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Internet challenge

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ON Jan 12, 2016, Google launched localised versions of YouTube in three countries. Pakistan was one of them. On Jan 18, PTA issued a directive to internet service providers to lift the ban on YouTube. This brought the over three-year ban to an end. On the subject of localisation, when in 2013 the Lahore High […]

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Pildat concerned over electronic crimes bill

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ISLAMABAD: An analysis, conducted by the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Democracy and Transparency (Pildat), of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015, has raised concern about various clauses of the proposed legislation. The analysis’ proposed legislation is currently pending before Parliament.The major concerns raised on various clauses of the legislation, especially relating to its possible […]

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Open to change: Govt ready to tweak cybercrime bill

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ISLAMABAD: Agreeing to consider making amendments to the controversial Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, the government has invited suggestions from all stakeholders, including the public. Despite being passed by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology, the draft will not be presented before parliament for now because various segments of society have expressed reservations […]

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Cyber crime bill: Review committee rejects bill entirely

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KARACHI: The committee formed to review the controversial cyber crime bill has completely rejected the draft instead of suggesting pointers to fix problematic clauses. The Cyber Crime Bill Review Committee met at Karachi Press Club on Monday afternoon to review the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, 2015. The decision to reject the bill was made […]

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Govt urged to review Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill

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QUETTA: The Balochistan-Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan (iPOP) and a coalition of digital rights organisations, technology companies and IT security experts have urged the government to review the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, 2015, which has been adopted by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on IT and Telecom. Arzak Khan, the head of iPOP, said on […]

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No ban on banned outfits on social media

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ISLAMABAD – Despite government resolve to end terrorism from the country, banned Jehadi organisations are not only active on social media but using the web to project their agenda. Among the active websites and blogs, some are mouthpiece of global organisations while some promote local outfits (mostly banned). Umar Media is one of the sites, […]

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New cybercrime bill tough on individuals’ rights, soft on crime

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ISLAMABAD: The government’s latest bill aimed at regulating Internet usage is tougher, curbs civil liberties and focuses more on moral aspects of Internet use than cybercrime itself. At least this is how most information technology experts describe the new Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015, which was sent to the National Assembly Standing Committee on […]

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Cyber crimes bill

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In the modern world everything is going cyber — from online stores to libraries. Thus, the cyber crime ratio is also increasing exponentially. According to the Norton Cyber Crime report for 2011, a little over 430m were victims of cyber crime in that year alone. The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill was proposed, offering penalties […]

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YouTube localised version not in sight till 2015

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: Despite all the efforts of the government, a localized version of YouTube may not be in sight till 2015 because the prevention of electronic crimes bill would become applicable in June 2014 and only after that the website would consider launching a localised version if it finds it feasible in terms of business. YouTube […]

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