Suspension of NADRA services in Bajaur irks dwellers -
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Suspension of NADRA services in Bajaur irks dwellers

By: Anwarullah Khan

BAJAUR AGENCY: The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) have suspended its service due to technical fault in the computer systems in its Bajaur Swift Registration Centre.

The tribesmen of different areas of the agency have also complained about the suspension of services of the local registration centre. The locals said that a large number of people of the different remote areas were visiting the office for making of the National Identity Card for the last one week. They also said that for the last several days, a large number of people of different remote areas were visiting the office for making the identity card but due to the fault in the system they unable to make the id cards.

“I m visiting the office every day for the last one week to make the ID card but the workers were not present in the Nadra office,” Nimat Jan, a resident of Mamond, said. He said that the people who come the office for making their ID cards were disappointed because they returned back home with finishing their work.

An official of the local NADRA office told this correspondent on Monday that the main server and others systems in the office have been corrupted due to the technical fault and the services suspended on temporally basis. “We have called the technical staff for the repairing the systems but they could not come on time,” the official added. He said that he aware the problems of the local but he unable to help with the people because it’s a technical problems and only technical staff could solve it.

He also said that if the technical experts don’t come here in the next two days than the systems would be delivering to Peshawar and the fault will be fixed within three or four days

The tribal elders and the leaders of political parties have showed great concern over the technical fault in the computers systems in the local registration centre. They demanded of the government and the NADR officials to take immediately step for the early repairing of the systems.

“Government should immediately appoint more staff and install modern equipment in the local registration centre because the current staff and equipment insufficient for the agency which was the highest in population in the entire tribal areas,” they added.

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