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Social media users in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Social media users in Pakistan are the haves as they are in the US and the UK. Just as in these other countries, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Thus, when it comes to social media, Pakistani internet users are treading the same path as an international social media user would, says a special report conducted by B Solutions, Technology Times Reported.

In gender proportionality, there are 69 per cent male and 31 per cent female social media users in Pakistan. Though figures might differ from one country to another, but even in terms of gender proportionality, there are more male online users than female in other states too, including the US and the UK.

It points out that an average social media user in Pakistan lives in a higher income household, which is different than in most other countries, where social media is available even to lower income groups.

According to observers, this trend must change if Pakistan is to make any progress in social media world. More businesses are moving online and Pakistan must keep up its pace.

One thing which can improve this situation is surely internet accessibility in as many parts of the country as possible.

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