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Sherry submits motion in NA to discuss Cheema’s torture

ISLAMABAD: Former Information Minister Sherry Rehman on Tuesday submitted an adjournment motion in the National Assembly Secretariat to discuss the issue of kidnapping, torture and humiliation of correspondent of The News Umar Cheema.

Sherry Rehman, in her adjournment motion, stated that the Constitution of Pakistan ensured the freedom of speech and the government had also made strong commitments in this regard. “Torturing and kidnapping of media persons in the dark cover of the night, is an inhuman act for which no civilized society can allow impunity,” she said.

She said the issue provided a cause for all other business of the House to be suspended to discuss this matter of urgent importance, which is of recent occurrence and of immediate public interest.

Sherry Rehman in her adjournment motion noted that according to the Pakistan Press Foundation, 8 journalists had so far been killed this year in Pakistan, making it one of the most dangerous places for the press.

In this case, she said the fact that none of the attackers had been apprehended or identified as yet and it added to increased public anxiety.

Sherry stressed upon the government to investigate the matter and take immediate steps to expose those who were involved in this heinous offense and bring the culprits to book without any delay. “It is the government’s responsibility to ensure the security of media persons and this episode is only one of the incidents where a journalist has not only been attacked, but he has talked about being stripped, beaten and abused,” she added.

Sherry warned that such incidents, if left unpunished, would give courage to all forces that subscribed to coercive practices against the media. “This incident was also clearly designed to gag the voice of free media,” she added. She said this was a grave offence to the democratic aspirations of the people, and a deep affront to the constitutional commitment to freedom of expression.
Source: The News