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Senti Aur Mental is based on a wedding, says Yasra Rizvi

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Multiple filmmakers are exploring different genres and trying their luck in the new wave of Pakistani cinema. While it is refreshing that various themes are highlighted on the big screen, the number of movies releasing every year is also growing. Aside from films that are scheduled to release in the coming days and months, there are plenty of projects that have been announced and are currently in the works.

One of them is Yasra Rizvi’s upcoming directorial debut Senti Aur Mental that she announced sometime back but nothing was concrete at that point. The first block of actors starring in the film has been revealed and it includes Yasra Rizvi herself, Yasir Hussain, Faryal Mehmood, Abdullah Altaf, and Jinaan Hussain. Going by the title, ‘Senti’ refers to Yasra in the film and Yasir will be seen as ‘Mental’ while the film has a total of around 25 characters.

“It is based on a wedding,” Yasra Rizvi told exclusively to Instep. “It features eight to nine songs and you will get all kinds of music in it. The film is about all sorts of fun, romance, marriage and family.”

She also informed that currently the music of the film is being recorded while the film will go on floor later this year. Written and directed by Yasra Rizvi, Senti Aur Mental is expected to release in the first quarter of next year.

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