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Seminar on Human Rights and Role of Media.

LARKANA — Pakistan Press Foundation conducted a one day seminar on Human Rights and Role of Media on December 13.

Speaking at the occasion Abdul Razzak Quraishi, the chief guest, said print media has played a role of a crusader against human rights violation in the country. Dr. Jamshed Abro, Chairman Public Saftey Commission held police responsible as the chief human rights violator in the country.

Javed Shah, media coordinator PPF presented a report on the violations of human rights committed in the district. According to the report 40 women were killed under karo-kari while same numbers of women are under prisons.

Dr. Sabeeha Mughal, leader of the Khaksaar Tehreek-e-Pakistan, Dr. Fakhar un Nisa Jonejo and Musavir Shahid, coordinator PPF also addressed on the occasion.

Source: PPF