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Scholars condemn terrorism but a group fans the same: Dr Aamir

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Rawalpindi: Eminent Islamic scholar and columnist Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain has said, “In order to stem terrorism, Ulema have not fulfilled their responsibilities. It would be far from truth to say that there is no sectarianism. We will have to destroy all the objectionable material in the country including the one on the social websites. Mere sitting together of religious scholars is not going to serve any purpose. There does exist a group that is poisoning the minds of the people. Pakistan is the only country in the world where we are prepared to hold talks with those who mercilessly kill our people. No one has ever talked of punishing them. In order to solve the mysteries and complications, scholars will have to attend different sacred days observed by the other sect and will have to tell the audience that they are all respectable for them.”

Dr Aamir was taking to Hamid Mir, the host of Geo News programme ‘Capital Talk’ on Monday. Others who participated in the debate on the topic: ‘Govt Changed, But Not the Conditions of Pakistan’ included chief of Islami Tehreek Pakistan Allama Syed Sajid Naqvi, Director Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre Dr Dost Muhammad Khan.

Allama Sajid Naqvi said, “There is no supremacy of law in the country. Criminals are roaming scot-free. There is anarchy everywhere. Citizens are expected to defend themselves.”

During the programme clips of recorded statements of scholars from different schools of thought were aired. Answering to different questions Dr Aamir said, “Islam does not give a free hand to kill someone. Islam enjoins Muslims to safeguard the non-Muslims too. The religious scholars (Ulema) have not fulfilled the responsibility that fell on them. Whatever is happening speaks volumes for the failure of scholars. It is good to explain the teachings of Islam. The real thing however is to uproot those indulging in rooting out the fundamental principles of Islam. To identify these elements is the real thing to do. To date no one has ever tried to end objectionable material spread all around. If religious scholars are sincerely sermonising their followers to follow the path of truth, tolerance, and mutual respect, it must be accepted that there does exist a group at the lower level that is filling their minds with poison and hatred. People of one sect are being inflamed against the people belonging to the other sect.”

Dr Aamir Liaquat said that instead of issuing statements alone, the rulers should be among the affected people. He endorsed the suggestion of Imran Khan that army chief, chief minister of the concerned province and the party leadership should sit together and take steps to uproot terrorism. This should also happen in Balochistan and KP. He said that the terrorists are following a three-pronged policy. On the one hand they are targeting the law enforcement agencies, secondly they are pressuring the government to talk to them on their terms, and thirdly there are involved in sectarian slashes too.

Sajid Naqvi bemoaned that terrorist attacks are happening with the same old intensity. He added that it is the responsibility of the state to safeguard the lives and property of people. He said that it was satisfying to note that there is complete harmony between the religious scholars of different schools of thought. Efforts were made in the past to spread sectarianism but these ugly conspiracies were thwarted with the help of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA). “There is no religious hatred among the people. Terrorism has no relation with religion. This certainly is some other phenomenon. We are retrying to revive the MMA. Milli Yakjehti Council is also there. We are all united against the joint enemy. We sit together, hold meetings.”

Naqvi regretted that people are not told facts. He continued, “The country has been put at stake. People are being exploited in the name of Islam. I condemn those who preach hatred and violence. I have yet to know where from these terrorists come and where do they .” He added that the atmosphere being made to clean the sectarian atmosphere should continue. “This would bring proximity and promote love. However I disagree with the theory that acts of terrorism are caused by sectarian disharmony,” he said.

Dr Dost Muhammad Khan said that we forget the ordains of Allah. Everyone is truly attached to his sect whereas Allah ahs given us the name of ‘Mussalman’.

He reminded that when Milli Yakjehti Council became effective under the leadership of Qazi Hussain Ahmad, there came a marked fall in the number incidents of terrorism. It is the need of the hour now that religious scholars should come forward with a true and inspiring spirit and get proper legislation enacted from the Parliament. They should make such laws public. Ramazaul Mubarak is near. We should offer prayers in the mosques of each other.

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