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SC implements strict guidelines for media coverage inside the court

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to maintain decorum and security within the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court, stringent guidelines have been introduced, restricting media personnel from recording video, conducting interviews, or filming YouTube programs within the Supreme Court Building.

The directive, issued by the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, specifies that only designated beat reporters, assigned by their respective media houses to cover Supreme Court proceedings, will be granted entry. This privilege is contingent upon the presentation of valid media cards and compliance with specified conditions.

Upon arrival, reporters are subjected to thorough security checks, including frisking and bag/purse searches conducted by police personnel. The Supreme Court emphasises the necessity of cooperation from media persons in adhering to these security measures.

Notably, the guidelines explicitly prohibit the recording of video clips, interviews, or YouTube programs within the Supreme Court premises. Additionally, the use of cell phones is strictly prohibited within the courtrooms to uphold the sanctity of legal proceedings.

For significant hearings with limited space and heightened security requirements, exclusive entry will be granted to one representative from each media house. Other journalists will be accommodated in alternative courtrooms to observe the proceedings.

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This move aims to strike a balance between facilitating media coverage of important legal proceedings and ensuring the maintenance of security protocols within the Supreme Court. The guidelines come into effect immediately, and media houses are urged to communicate these restrictions to their respective personnel covering the Supreme Court beat.

Source: HUM News

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