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Role of media

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ISLAMABAD: The objectivity of the electronic media is becoming highly questionable. Sensationalism, yellow journalism and fabrication are some terms that are continuously being used and heard today. Issues of national interest need care and restraint but the electronic media is failing to deliver objective reporting. There is a multitude of laws and ethics that the media should follow but no channel seems to follows them.

In comparison, the print media is still reliable and a healthy option for readers. Newspapers help people develop reading habits and tend to carry news that is checked and rechecked. Newspapers give us a chance to evaluate the news and compose our own point of view. As for television, we see anchors imposing their own perspective instead of objectivity. I would argue that the electronic media is giving a distorted view of reality. It seems that the electronic media cares only about ratings and does not care about the emotions and feelings of the general public. There is a big difference between private and government-run television channels. Private channels show too much negativity, whereas government channels always show positive things and never discuss the real issues. What is needed is a balance between the negative and the positive.

The media should disseminate news and information fairly and with care.

Komal Kainat

Express Tribune

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