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Role of mass media highlighted

KARACHI: The intellectual and economic development of a country depends on immaculate planning in every sector of society, especially a carefully planned strategy to prevent the ‘Population Explosion’ that retards the rate of progress.

The word of caution was voiced by Prof Pirzada Qasim, Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi while delivering his inaugural address at a seminar on ‘Role of Mass Media in Promotion of Small Family Norm’, held at the Arts auditorium, on Thursday.

The seminar was organised by the department of Mass Communication in collaboration with Population Welfare Department, Government of Sindh. Prof Qasim informed the audience about the fact that problems set in when something goes out of proportion. This could be attributed to any problem faced by the society and the unchecked population growth was one of the most important factors that could be handled properly.

A government department, he noted, could work with small number of people to guide the populace about certain problem and its remedy but universities could help immensely if the students take up the task to inform the society about the problems and their preventions.

The VC reminded the participants that a universal culture was spreading globally through the nations that had acquired economic and arms superiority by using their vast knowledge of science and technology. That knowledge had allowed them to make their mass media reach the four corners of the world dispensing their ideas and the people of less developed countries were accepting the same without asking questions about their veracity.

“We, as a nation, have dubious identity. We are a populous country and we export our labour force, mechanics and taxi drivers and get some foreign exchange in the process. Could we be known as a country of scientists, researchers, inventors, literary and cultural geniuses?”

The thought provoking words from the VC were simply absorbing and audience listened to him spell bound. He advised the electronic and print media to come out of the culture of ‘news breaking’ and sensationalism and work positively to educate the nation to wriggle out of the current backwardness.
Source: The News