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Return of Morning Show Queen on Geo TV

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KARACHI: After a hiatus of a few years, the original queen of morning shows, the ever charming host who initiated the live morning show culture in Pakistan, Nadia Khan, is making another comeback on Geo TV, with all new excitement, buzz and entertainment.

The show will also have different segments which tend to break away from the normal fare of morning shows. Experts will teach different types of physical exercises. Trainers will teach different routines.

A phone call and a video clip will be added during exercise where our trainer will answer the queries of viewers.

A live segment in which different doctors will be invited according to a particular topic of discussion regarding health issues and different specialists will discuss different diseases, their causes and remedy. The doctors will be dressed in complete attire. They will also talk about myths and stop the people from self-medication. Live calls will be taken for audience interactivity.

In the segment “Movie review with Tony”, Tony Rasheed will review newly released movies, hold discussion about songs, artists, dresses, acting and who is in and who is out etc. Gossips of celebrities will be a major part of the segment.

There will be comments on celebrities regarding their fashion sense and make-up by showing their pictures.

Dr Dhongi seems like a mad man but says things that are relevant to the current scenario. He can either make fun of people and situations or give them compliments in his own peculiar way. Totka ya Jugaar: In this segment there will be some totkay and some jugaars provided to viewers.

In the segment Happy to You, Nadia will wish her fans live on show who have birthdays on that day. Sometimes a surprise call shall be made to a fan, and Nadia Khan will wish him/her.

NKS Book of Records: In this segment, fans will be asked to complete a particular given challenge within one minute. An open challenge will be announced where participants have to send their recorded videos for selection. After selection the challengers will perform live on the show.

In the segment English Winglish, different people on the street will be involved. They will be given different famous dialogues from the Hollywood movies and they will deliver it in their own accent.

Dream Role: In this segment wishes of celebrities will be fulfilled. Celebrities who have never been offered the roles they always wanted to do. In this segment they will get a chance to perform the role in actual recording environment according to their wish.

Line yahin se shuru hoti hai: A deed to change things that we all claim we should do but never do will be started by the host demonstrating it.

Facebook status of celebrities, Mp3 top 10 list of celebrities, Internet drama (misguided truth), exclusive videos, cooking, home décor and other segments will also be part of the show.

Any restaurant or Dhaba’s owners with their cooks and famous chefs will be invited on the set with their particular cultural specialty.

Ask Nadia: In this segment viewers will ask Nadia Khan questions. Questions can vary from Saas/Bahu problems to exam tensions to working environment issues. Nadia will sit in a gazebo and she will answer questions in a humorous manner.

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