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Remembering the lost days of Pakistani cinema

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Karaachi: The Pakistani cinema has produced some classics which can never be forgotten anyone interested in filmmaking. The golden era of our cinema has left indelible impressions and we must pay tribute to legends of the industry who dedicated their lives to make establish it and caused it to flourish.

Veteran actor Talat Husain presented these views on Saturday at an exhibition titled “Filmistan: Where did those days go?” held at the art gallery of Alliance Francaise where Zahid Guddu Khan exhibited a collection of splendid painted posters, touching photos and long-forgotten brochures, covering the decades of Pakistani cinema from the 1950s to 1990s.

Husain was jubilant to see the unique collection and appreciated Guddu for the distinctive services he rendered in preserving the archives of Pakistani film industry.

“It demands immense passion and courage to dedicate your life selflessly for a cause with no hope of fame and revenue in return,” he said. “Guddu is unexplainably passionate about Pakistani movies and his exhibition has truly helped me travel through times. The movies of late 50s and 60s are going through my mind, reminding me of the peaceful city and its blossoming cinemas.”

Husain lamented that the advent of the technology in the 20th century had discharged the real energy of art and literature, besides stealing the sanctity of cinema.

“You may differ, but I believe that unbalanced technological advancement has shattered the social boundaries of our lives,” he said.

“The soul-illuminating music and movies have been replaced by the meaningless sound effects and senseless stories.”

The actor said he has never compromised on his values in his profession and the exhibition was a sign of hope that quality work never dies.

Zahid Guddu Khan while talking to The News said he had been collecting everything related to Pakistani cinema’s golden age since he was nine.

“I had a very good friend in school, Hyder. His mother, Shireen Taj, was a Pashto movie actress. It was very fascinating for me as a child to see the posters and pictures of films in my friend’s bag and at his home. I started collecting the movie archives and the passion kept on growing with time.”

Guddu said due to the lack of space only 20 percent of his entire collection had been presented at the gallery but he was hoping to arrange more events for displaying the rest of his preservations.

“My aim is to promote the forgotten legends and make society remember their heroes,” he said.

Dr Huma Mir, renowned actress and author, while talking to The News described the exhibition as impressive and fascinating.

“It is great to see the posters of some scientific films like ‘Sar Kata Insaan’ at the event. I was very young when the film was released in cinema and it was exciting to watch it,” she said. “This exhibition is helping me remember the old golden memories which are very fabulous and splendid for me in this fast-paced life where we do not get much time to recall our glittering past.”

She admired how careful Guddu had been in preserving old posters, magazines and brochures.

“Guddu has told me that he could not bring all of his collection to the event. It is fabulous to see our beauties like Madam Noor Jehan, Zeba, Rani, Aalia, Deeba, Babra Sharif in many of these posters but I am really missing Shabnam.

There is only one poster of her. Her contribution in our film industry demands more attention. I hope Guddu will bring more of her memories in his next exhibition,” she said.

Many film and drama artistes graced the occasion along with a large number of people. The exhibition will continue till April 25.

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