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Radio’s role termed vital in shaping public opinion

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PESHAWAR: The World Radio Day was observed here on Sunday with a pledge by broadcasters to serve people and create awareness among them about important issues.

Around 26 radio stations, both private and public, are operating across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to educate people on social and political issues and protect them against flood of misinformation or disinformation.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Broadcasters Forum (KPBF) arranged an event to mark the day wherein speakers presented papers on the importance of community radio. A music show and a short play were also part of the event. Participants hoped that radio workers would be facilitated to serve people.

The event was arranged at Radio Pakistan Peshawar wherein broadcasters, local artists and fans participated and discussed the significance of radio in public life.

This year, the day was observed with the theme of ‘radio and radio’ dating back to early 1940s venture to connect voices of people for effective social awareness on a wide range of issues.

The introduction of community radio to public of the subcontinent in 1930s was a phenomenal event as local people were exposed to a new world.

Khaista Rehman, chief of KPBF, in his brief talk stressed the need for giving more incentives to broadcasters. He said that community radio was still the cheapest and most affordable source of setting home trends and a strong way of reaching out to people.

Senior broadcaster Haji Aslam Khan said on the occasion that community radio was impacting public lives in every field across the globe and therefore was voice of people for addressing their issues.

The launch of radio station in Peshawar in March 1935 opened a new era where public awareness transferred views and outlook of people on many social and political issues.

Speakers threw light on importance of radio for community development in several fields. They said that radio was not only source of information but it also provided people with entertainment and awareness on public health and local development.

They said that despite plethora of conventional and modern tools and devices, radio was still the most reliable source of voice communication and community service.

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