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PTV revenue goes 30 percent up in last eight months

ISLAMABAD: Spokesperson for Pakistan Television Corporation has termed a news report titled ‘MD’s got far more than 3 percent share of PTV going bankrupt’, which appeared in Daily Times, Islamabad (June 11, 2011) as factually incorrect.

The spokesperson regretted that PTV was not contacted prior to filing of the news report as the report is based on misinformation with distorted facts, which could have been verified before publishing the same. He added that it was imperative to set the record straight and respond to the allegations.

The contract details of MD PTV package in the story are incorrect. Had the terms been read properly by the correspondent, it would have been evident that the percentage is linked to the incremental advertising revenue of the last financial year’s average net revenue and not the entire advertising revenue. The writer has not properly read the contract, which has resulted in misinformation.

The present Managing Director has a professional standing and proven track record of successful projects launched and headed by him in the public as well as private sector. The success stories of the projects headed by the present Managing Director is in the knowledge of those who know the television media. He is not a stranger in the television industry and has a market value. Therefore a professional with successive track record of success has to have matching package to be paid if an organization like PTV has to be put on the right track. The example is within PTV as twice the present Managing Director was asked to go in the past and twice the advertising revenue decline was evident from the record. The figures speak for themselves.

It may also be noted that after taking over in October 2010, the present management took a number of bold decisions for the restructuring of PTV aimed at not only improving screen look, bringing in quality content, enhancing sales revenue and modernizing the national television network, but also certain financial and administrative measures are being taken to discipline pay packages of RPs, the performance evaluation of the staff in key areas and controlling the leakages in order to put the system of strict checks and balances in place by controlling all the expenses, be it medical, overtime, fuel or identifying deadwood. It would certainly hamper the interest of the few who were habitual abusers of the system and do not want to be held accountable or checked and therefore would spread false and baseless information.
However, present PTV management is committed to do the financial and administrative reforms to put the organization on the right path. It is difficult because the people with the vested interest will do all what is possible to stop this or create hurdles but the organization needs this discipline and it will be done without any fear. These strict financial measures, be they in controlling expenses, leakages, measuring performance for the continuation or extension of contract selection of software programming on merit hurts the financial interests of the people in PTV or outside PTV who have direct or indirect interests.

With respect to the advertising sales there has been a healthy increase in the advertising revenue of 30 percent in the last eight months and PTV is expected to close its financial year 2010-2011 at over Rs.2.10 billion as compared to Rs.1.6 billion sales revenue in the financial year 2009-2010. It is further added that there was a huge backlog of outstanding payments left behind by the previous management, which the present management is actively engaged in clearing.

With regard to the Union, it is important to have correct knowledge of the working of the CBA in the public sector. Their charter is revised every two years and was already overdue when the present management took over. It may be noted that during this period, the government of Pakistan had given a salary increase of 50 percent, while as a result of exhaustive negotiations the salary of PTV employees has been increased by 46 percent.

On recruitment in PTV the hiring of fresh professionals is an ongoing process in any dynamic media organization and has been carried out after following due processes by inviting applications through press and web ads, while on screen personalities are engaged on the basis of their market value and sometimes target hiring is done in this respect as it is the market norm.

With regard to the allegations with respect to procurement of dramas, it may be noted that PTV has a highly transparent system in place. Seven people from within PTV and outside PTV of professional competence and integrity are on its Programme Previewing Committee for screening previewing of private productions. Decisions are reached only through consensus and the MD is nowhere involved in the entire process of selection and price negotiations. The case only comes to the MD through two different committees with their recommendation. Only cases with consensus recommendations are approved.

Chagi news complex is a major achievement of PTV, which was set up in a record time in 2008. An understanding of the matter is needed before comment. It is to be understood that in the past PTV was a single channel, primarily an entertainment channel with a couple of news bulletins. The creation of 24/7 news channels was a paradigm shift in the outlook of the organization and Chagi was hence conceived in 2007 to meet the modern age news/current affairs channel presentation.

It is worth noting that all these measures have been very well received and appreciated amongst all segments of the viewers both young and old. It should also be appreciated that as a result of these measures that have been taken for the benefit of the organization, there are groups and individuals that have been checked, their activities curtailed and non-performers removed or being removed.
Source: Daily Times