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Protest against flotilla attack

LAHORE: Concerned Citizens Society of Pakistan activists held a demonstration against the Israeli aggression on Sunday outside the Lahore Press Club.

Khaksar Tehrik activists who were already present outside the club also joined the society and protested Israeli atrocities, says a press release.

The protest aimed to express the sense of indignation being felt by all peace activists at the Israeli attack on a flotilla carrying relief goods for stranded Palestinians. The protest emphasised that United States policy makers had a hypocritical stance on the definition of “terrorism” as well as human rights and dignity.

The Americans must question their government about its blatantly partisan behaviour towards Israel, says the press release.

Demonstrators held posters inscribed with slogans such as ‘Citizens of the world —unite against unjust Israeli brutality’, ‘Stand up against Israeli terrorism’, ‘Shame on the US for protecting Israeli barbariansÂ’ and ‘We want justice for Palestinians and peace activists killed by Israelis’.

CCP Chairperson Hamid Zaman and other members highlighted the need to protest vociferously against Israel’s ongoing human rights abuses and expressed their concern at the US government’s complicity in the unjust siege of Gaza.
Source: Dawn