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Pakistan Press Foundation

PPF organized 4th Safety Training Workshop.

Pakistan Press Foundation

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) organized a three-day Holistic security training workshop in Lahore from February 25 to 27, 2021 for bloggers and human rights defenders (HRDs). The training workshop included daylong sessions on digital, physical and psychosocial Security.

Threats faced by journalists, bloggers and HRDs across the globe are rapidly changing and becoming increasingly complex, They are targeted on the basis of the nature of their reporting, while risks of reporting in the field persist.

Reporting on subjects such as gang violence, social issues, terrorism, state corruption or human rights abuses, or reporting that is otherwise critical of government or public officials, leaves journalists and civil society workers the most vulnerable to various forms of attacks and violence

It is the matter of great concern that the workers of media and civil society are facing rising cases of physical dangers, online harassment and social & psychological pressures while performing their duties.

The workshop apprised the representatives of media and civil society through safety training about safeguarding themselves while using their democratic right. In workshop participants learnt that how to conduct the risk assessment prior to coverage, learnt how to cope with unexpected circumstances and emergencies.

Trainer Tahir Mehmood taught from basic pre security things to First Aid Training and Weapons & IEDs Awareness. Participants also got to know about how to Control Digital and Personal Security.

In the time of deadly Corona Virus, PPF continued its mission and conducted workshops with the implementation of all SOPs.

PPF’s this workshop was the fourth pertaining to safety training. Three were organized last year in Karachi. Remaining six workshops will be organized in collaboration with European Union and in association with Civil Society for Independent Media and Expression, Media Matters for Democracy, and Centre for Peace and Development Initiative in Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.

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