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PML-N leaves PTI’s media strategy in tatters

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ISLAMABADPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) strategy rests on utter lies, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz spokesperson Mariyyum Aurangzeb said on Sunday.

“Those who claimed to change the country’s destiny within 100 days are just mimicking our Vision 2025,” Aurangzeb maintained, adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan was incapable of thinking beyond a vindictive mind-set and was unable to see anything beyond his ‘destructive vision’.

The PML-N leader said that those who had been making claims of improving the national economy had made beggary a national policy.

Reacting to the federal government’s media strategy meeting, she said: “PTI is bringing back the tradition of victimising political rivals”, adding this was being done to hide the Rs80 billion corruption in the Peshawar metro project.

“Dreams shown by Imran to the nation are now turning into nightmares,” she said, adding that the government had prepared a strategy to hide its incompetence while continuing to lie on critical matters and making U-turns.

The former information minister said that during its tenure, the PML-N had taken unprecedented steps to overcome the power crisis and provided best travel facilities, encouraging business activities.

“We had improved the national economy while the current government does not have any policy to curb terrorism and ensure public welfare,” said Aurangzeb.

The PML-N spokesperson advised the prime minister that such media strategy was only useful “on containers”.

A PM, she said, needed to work and deliver in line with election promises.

“No media strategy can build five million homes or generate 10 million jobs,” she said.

Reminding PTI of its 100-day plan, she warned that the government would not be able to persistently befool the public or hide its incompetence behind lies.