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PM approves Peca law amendments to regulate social media

Pakistan Press Foundation

On May 9, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif approved a proposal to amend the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016 to regulate social media.

The proposed PECA Amendment Bill 2024 advocates for the establishment of a Digital Rights Protection Authority. Once approved by the cabinet, the bill is slated for presentation in Parliament. The recommendation for the amendment bill came from the cabinet’s Legal Reforms Committee, proposing the creation of the Digital Rights Protection Authority under the Ministry of Information Technology’s purview.

The Authority will play a role in advising the government on digital rights matters, overseeing responsible internet usage, and enforcing regulations. Importantly, it will also collaborate with social media platforms to foster a positive digital environment and regulate online content, instilling hope for a safer and more responsible social media landscape.

Further, the Authority will have the power to investigate violations of the new PECA law on social media and take appropriate action. It can demand information from individuals and witnesses, establish enforcement rules, and ensure a secure online space, prioritizing user protection and upholding fundamental rights.

Previously, the Ministry of IT announced the establishment of the National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency (NCCIA) in a notification dated April 24, signaling a shift from the FIA’s Cybercrime Wing to a dedicated cybercrime investigative body.

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