Photojournalists protest ‘unfair’ treatment -
Pakistan Press Foundation

Photojournalists protest ‘unfair’ treatment

Pakistan Press Foundation

LAHORE: The Lahore Association of Photojournalists has condemned the ‘discriminatory’ treatment towards photojournalists during the inauguration of the Asia Cricket Cup Trophy ceremony.

In a meeting at the Lahore Press Club chaired by senior photojournalist and Chairman of the Association Rahat Dar (AP), it was said that all media, including TV channels’ cameramen, were invited to cover the event through invitation cards, but the photojournalists from Lahore were unjustly deprived of this coverage.

The association announced that photojournalists would protest in front of the PCB Headquarters at Gaddafi Stadium and burn PCB Chairman Zakah Ashraf’s effigy and photos of this protest will be circulated at the national and international levels.

The meeting was attended by President Wasim Niaz, Vice-President Sadaqat Mughal, General Secretary Imran Shaikh, Treasurer Parvez Eltaf, Security Information OfficerMurtaza Ali, Arif Ali (AFP), and Mohsin Raza (Reuters).

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