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PFUJ unification detractors ought to be ignored: UC

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ISLAMABAD: The PFUJ Unification Committee, which met here on Tuesday with M Ziauddin in Chair, reviewed the unification process to date and discussed a number of action plans to be undertaken to meet the election deadline of July 26-27, which were finalised today with the unanimous consent of all the members of the UC.

The UC has asked the journalists not to pay attention to the antics of a handful of anti-community elements trying their worst to keep the PFUJ divided so that their masters could thrive by delaying the implementation of 7th wage board and postponing the subsequent ones. These elements seem to be serving the purpose of the government as well because a divided community becomes so easy to manipulate as opposed to a unified trade body that guards without fear or favour the community’s professional and economic rights.

The UC assured the community that with its full support, the UC would very soon eliminate all the hurdles like the recently held fake PFUJ elections that are being put up in its way. The UC reminded the community that both the PFUJ factions (one led by Rana Azeem and the other by Afzal Butt) had stood defunct on March 16, 2016, after the two had signed a settlement agreement.

The UC also recalled that the unification process was actually initiated after both Rana Azeem and Afzal Butt had approached the chairman and requested him to undertake the assignment. As part of the unification process, the UC has formed a three member audit committee consisting of Habib Khan Ghori, Siddiq Baloch and M Ziauddin to scrutinise the financial balance sheets of the two defunct factions to see from where did the two mobilise funds, how much was mobilised, and how these funds were spent during the three years the two had functioned as trade bodies but without access to PFUJ funds frozen by the bank (National Bank) pending settlement of the dispute between the two claimants of the frozen account.

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