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Performing arts festival

LAHORE, Oct 21: Four performances were held by various educational institutions on the second last day of the 7th Youth Performing Arts Festival.

Theatre Thespians from Karachi staged Samuel Becketts’s famous play ‘Waiting for Godot’, Government College University, Faisalabad, staged famous folktale ‘Heer Ranjha’ and Indus Valley School of Arts staged ‘Eight Openings’.

Eight Openings chronicled eight characters as they attempted to understand themselves through the kaleidoscope of religion, education and culture. The play brought together diverse characters such as a Parsi student, an Afghan refugee and a government schoolteacher.

These characters voice themselves through intimate monologues, not realising that all of them were part of the same narrative. As the audience began to see their undeniable connections to each other, characters seemed to transform into threads weaving a single tapestry.

Pattan Lok Natak from Islamabad staged ‘Leeray Chor’. The play was a brilliant satire on what the country and its people had been facing for much of our existence in 1947. The story was about a thief who stole people’s cloth and became increasingly daring in his choice of victim.

The natak has organised many theatre festivals and hundreds of impromptu street performances all across the country.
Source: Dawn