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Pemra asked to take action against hate speech

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KARACHI: Following a protest against enforced disappearances led by civil society on Thursday which saw a clash between activists and religious hardliners, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) called a meeting to discuss the plan of action.

It was decided that the issue of missing persons would be taken forward in a collective manner as said earlier however this time the participants also discussed the smear campaign by a private TV host, Amir Liaqauat Hussain, who is allegedly inciting hate speech against those who participated in the demonstration on Thursday alongside those who are speaking for missing bloggers.

The host’s antics were condemned by all because the narrative shaped by him was allegedly very problematic and PEMRA was asked to immediately take action against a person whose vitriolic campaigns are now being used on social media as well.

The participants felt that the show aired everyday on the private TV channel needs to be taken off-air because the host is not only targeting activists but he is also trying to use blasphemy card which can put their lives at stake.

“Using the garb of freedom of speech, the host is using a viable platform to promote hate-speech as he does not only take names but also uses pictures which can definitely threaten lives of all those he is naming,” said one of the activists.

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