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PCB’s women wing

PAKISTAN Cricket Board Chairman Ijaz Butt and his sister-in-law (Shirin Javed) seem to be running neck and neck in order to see who creates more controversies in less time.

Reports appearing in this paper last week have endorsed Shirin Javed as the winner of creating most blunders in one week.

There is no stopping this woman, who is heading the PCB Women’s Wing, from giving the most outrageous comments on her achievements and future programmes for the promotion of women’s cricket in Pakistan.

She seems to have lost her way to justify her appointment as the head of cricket for women. She seems to have no background of cricket, whatsoever. She keeps voicing and blowing her own trumpet just like Ijaz Butt of doing ‘a good job’.

Even their close family friend Javed Miandad came out quite candidly expressing what a mess these women have created in the PCB Women’s Wing through the report, ‘PCB should close down messy Women’s Wing: Miandad’ (Dawn Sports pages, Oct 14). The poor legend had to bend backwards to apologise for his honesty later. It is unfortunate that the PCB is treating our stars in such a way that they have to retract their statements. I refer to the report, ‘Miandad clarifies’ (Oct 16).

I agree, as most people will, that women’s cricket should have an independent board – run by an experienced and a non – political person on merit without any vested interests.


Source: Dawn