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Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) In collaboration of IPDC (UNESCO) Report Of Training “Producing News & Current Affairs Program”

June 6-8-2012

Participants of a workshop have said that main stream media was not focusing real public issues; therefore radio can be a strong medium to highlight the issues of public importance. Main stream media channels mostly take up the high importance matter but radio could be used at community level.

The observation was made by the participants of a three Day training workshop on “Producing News and Current Affairs Program” organized by Pakistan Press Foundation in collaboration with IPDC (UNESCO) from June 6-8, 2012 at a local hotel of Karachi, for Radio Journalists of Sindh province. Three females among 18 Radio journalists from different districts of Sindh, participated to learn the production of news and current affairs programs. They belonged to various FM stations and Radio Pakistan Stations.

They said News should be accurate, factual, impartial, balanced and representing all aspects of the story with opinion of relevant groups and Journalist should follow the ethics of journalism.

Participants said radio should be used for awareness among masses and problems related to day today affairs of common people should be highlighted at local level through radio.

FM radio can work as community radios if the content of news and current affairs program should be prepared with the consultation of local communities.

They said national media was busy in highlighting high profile news and missing the local problems; therefore local media can play more effective role. Radio being cheaper medium had proved beneficial for public.

On the concluding Day of Workshop, Advisor to CM Sindh Ms. Sharmila Farooqi was the Chief Guest. She was very critical on some section of the media reporting and said that journalist should not toe line of any group and he should perform his duty as a neutral referee to present true picture of any event. She said that since her childhood she had listen radio program
and still love to listen different program aired on radio.

Sindh Information Department Secretary Mr. Qazi Shahid Perwaiz said that despite launching of various TV channels still people love to listen program on radio and said that FM radios were more popular than any other Medium. He observed that Press Club should consider radio professionals as journalists and they should be given membership in Press Clubs like TV channel professionals.

Mr. Owais Aslam Ali, Secretary General of PPF said that PPF had been supporting freedom of press and freedom of expression and striving for promotion of standards of Journalism. He said our main focus was capacity building of the Journalist as to promote responsible journalism. Mr. Owais said impunity to the perpetrators of attacking Journalists should be stopped. He said participants, who will submit news packages will be invited in next workshop.

Senior journalist from BBC Mr. Wusatullah Khan shared his views and experience on Second Day of the Workshop in which veteran journalist told participants that a public message can be broadcast in between the lines. He appreciated the motivation and passion of young journalists and said that despite facing many challenges radio journalists were committed with their work.

Trainers Riaz Sohail and Lala Hassan explained difference between News, Feature and Current Affairs through Lecture, Group, Discussions, Demonstration of News and Current affair Programme. The Training Programme provided the opportunity of interaction to young Journalists and they shared their experiences and difficulties. Mock exercises of interview techniques were also conducted. Participants assigned to produce a segment of the current affair programs, which can either be a news feature, a panel discussion or a combination of both. Participants divided into 5 groups.

They developed idea, research the topic, decided the list of panelists then produce it using the recording devices, telephone lines, console, and edit them on adobe.

Participants were introduced with the law of defamation (section 499 to 502 of PPC) and Contempt of Court law so that they should keep these and other section of law and the articles of constitution dealing with the fundamental rights.
They prepared 18 news packages and four current affairs program during 3-day workshop.

Ms. Sharmila Farooqi awarded certificates among participants in closing ceremony.

Riaz Sohail,

Lala Hassan,