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NWFP governor for encouraging students to join Girls Guides

PESHAWAR: A five-member delegation, comprising office-bearers of the NWFP branch of the Pakistan Girls Guides Association, called on NWFP Governor Owais Ahmed Ghani here on Tuesday and apprised him of the working of the association.

Talking on the occasion, the governor took keen interest in the organisational set-up of the association as well as its performance and assured the members of the delegation to take necessary steps to enable the association to work more efficiently.

Indeed, he said, there is need to enhance opportunities and encourage the students to participate in the activities of the association and assured to extend every possible support to enable the association to work more efficiently.

Provincial President of the Association Razia Aziz, who was heading the delegates, informed the governor that the association, in line with the spirit of the guides movement, was efficiently engaged in the social and religious education of the guides, besides arranging regular training programmes for the teacher trainers.

The Girl Guides movement, it was added, is quite popular in the province and the association is successfully encouraging school-level students to join the association and participate in its activities.

This year, it was said, the fresh enrolment has already reached 12,000 as against the given target of 10,000. The governor was further informed that the association was also successfully running a vocational institute and a guide’s school in Peshawar, besides maintaining a Guides House, where educational and training facilities were being provided to the participants. The members of the declaration also put forward certain problems and difficulties and requested the governor to help them in resolving the issues.
Source: The News