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Newspapers most authentic source of information: Chief Minister (CM)

LAHORE    –   Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi on Sunday said that newspapers were an important part of lives and would remain so. In his message on the ‘National Newspaper Readership Day’, he said that newspapers were the most authentic source to derive information, adding that with the newspaper reading the reader not only acquaints himself with the current affairs but also gets easy and inexpen­sive access to information. The CM said despite the growth of electronic and digital media, newspapers were still the best source for the readers to derive information. He added awareness about various economic and social issues was obtained by reading newspapers. Though the newspaper reading habit had lessened in the digital world but it could not be eliminated under any circumstance, he stated. The newspaper reading enables us to hold a com­mand on the language and also expands the collec­tion of words, he said. This viewpoint holds truth to a greater extent that unauthentic information and news were disseminated on the digital media and there was absence of any means for their veri­fication which gives birth to unrest and chaos in the society, he said. On the other hand the newspapers even today hold the status of responsible, impartial and an authentic journalism and for this reason, the newspaper reading habit persists even to date and would continue in times to come as well, he added

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