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New Urdu Television channel from October

KARACHI- The first Urdu Television channel is likely to be launched from the UAE in October reflecting cultural and social trends common to Indian and Pakistani inhabitants.

Chief executive of the channel, Muhammad Ahsan, said that two major Abu Dhabi based groups joined hands with Media Affects, a British media management company, to form a new company called Asian Multimedia Network, dubbed Amn Urdu.

He claimed that the new channel would be free from all political, religious and ethnic biases and its main purpose would be the service of common cultural interests of the people of the subcontinent.

Arguing that 95 per cent of Indians and Pakistani homes had a single television set, Ahsan said if a family felt uncomfortable watching TV together, there was no use of such entertainment. Elaborating, he said: “We will try to create a sane alternative entertainment, based more on healthy attitude than healthy flesh.”

When asked what would be the basic purpose of the channel, he responded that the objective was to bring together the people of the subcontinent and start a new era of understanding while covering the mutual views and opinions of the people in a moderate manner.

Ahsan maintained that the channel would bridge the gap in the television world, as currently the true culture and cultural aspects of the subcontinent were not being shown to the viewers and instead an absurd style of dancing and meaningless social activities were covered.

Source: The News