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Mufti ‘pardons’ Qandeel who denies offering apology

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MULTAN: Mufti Abdul Qavi has claimed he has pardoned model Qandeel Baloch after she confessed in her text messages sent to the cleric Wednesday night and expressed her regret. He thanked Qandeel Baloch on “apologising” for her acts.

“I am thankful to Qandeel and forgive her on committing sins of defaming me. She has offered a proper apology. I have pardoned her and there is no need to see her again,” Mufti Abdul Qavi told journalists at a press briefing. The cleric said he did not drink anything and the incident was misreported. Mufti Qavi, who was wearing the cap which he exchanged with Qandeel Baloch, said he was proud to wear that cap. “I wish to see her again in my life because she is a great lady after she offered apology for her acts”, he said. The Mufti provided photostate copy of text messages sent by Qandeel on his mobile phone. The copies of text revealed the first message received on June 22 at 9:06pm. The text says: “I’m sorry Mufti Sahib, Mujhy ap k bura hva aisa nahi hona chaye tha, jo kxh bhi hva”

Message Body

22.6.2016: 9:7pm

Sab Meri Galti Hy (It was my fault)

22.6.2016 9:7pm

Ho saky to maaf kr dena (Could you forgive me?)

22.6.2016 9:7pm

Ap k sath jw bhi hva theek Nhi hva. I’m really sorry. (Whatever happened to you was bad)

22.6.2016 9:8pm

Maf krny waly ka dil bada hota hy (Forgiveness is a great job).

Recalling his memories, he said he respected Qandeel Baloch for three reasons including she was his guest and she belongs to Multan speaking Saraiki. To a query on Qandil Baloch’s claim of receiving life threats, he said he did ask anyone serve her life threats. KPK Minister Forestry and some MPAs from KPK requested him providing cell number of Qandeel Baloch. About his exchange of cap with Qandeel Baloch, he said large number of people were present when she came to him. He went to toilet for a while and Qandeel Baloch wore his cap in his absence. She excused on wearing his cap because she was not wearing her Dopata, Mufti Qavi said.

Mufti Qavi said according to Imran Khan’s orders that PTI wings chiefs had been restored to their respective offices. “I am the president of Punjab PTI Ulema wing in light of those orders,” he said.According to Geo News, the model denied having extended apology. She said she felt sorry for him on his loss of position in Ruet-e-Hilal Committee and called him to express her feelings, but he did not take the call.

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