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MUET talent: Using different techniques, Jamshoro artists address similar issues

Sameer Mandhro

KARACHI: It is not necessary that artists always try to convey a message through their art, said one of the four artists from Jamshoro whose work went on display at the Unicorn Gallery on Friday.

The exhibition features 57 pieces from Jepar, Nusrat Raza Mangi, Hussain Chandio and Manzoor Ali Solangi, who are currently teaching at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology’s Centre of Excellence in Arts and Design.

“Art is only for pleasure, and is not [like] a story or a novel that must give a message,” said Depar.

Mangi, who is a sculptor, said that his work often reflects the culture around him. “My work depicts [the images] I see every day, like victims of violence and natural disasters.”

While standing beside a sculpture that represented a flood survivor, he said, “A writer [uses words] to describe what the condition of a common man is after the floods, but an artist has to [do the same] without using any words.” Child labour was another theme apparent in Mangi’s work. “We don’t give importance to our children and send them to work in fields and factories.”

Hussain Chandio’s paintings gave the impression that he was standing on a hilltop and observing people lead their lives. “It is figurative. I look at things from the top, not as if I am [standing next to them].”

Marjorie Husain, an art critic, said that Chandio’s artwork conveyed his views about society. “The feeling of movement predominates his work, clothes of a passerby float in the breeze and create diverse patterns and textures.”

While talking about the young artists, Husain said that they must have an imagination and know about the latest developments in the world of art. The artists said that students were keen to enroll in their department at MUET. “Sindh has talent but students don’t [tend] to opt for such nontraditional subjects,” said Depar. However, he was hopeful that the trend would soon change.

The exhibition will continue till May 25.

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