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Moot on ethical codes for media held

ISLAMABAD – Friedrich-Naumann-Stifting fur die Freiheit (FNF) held a Group Discussion on the topic, “Ethical Code for Media: Yes or No?” here on Saturday.

The main objective of this discussion was to provide an opportunity to citizens and media to assess each other’s needs, so that they can act more responsibly towards each other.

The participants in the discussion highlighted the value of media as fourth pillar of the state. They asked if media is so highly regarded then why is it criticised and not allowed to work?

However, it was agreed upon that accountability had always remained an issue linked to the working of media groups.

One of the participants highlighted that draconian laws must not be implemented that were purposely tailored to indict journalist community.

However, legislation must be made that highlight the need of proper code of ethics for journalists and their working, he suggested. Another participant also highlighted the need to address the issue from the grass root level. He said, a society devoid of merit finds it difficult to cope with such issues.
Source: The Nation