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Militants threaten actress

LAHORE: Actress Veena Malik said on Saturday she had received death threats from militants after appearing on the Indian equivalent of hit reality television show “Big Brother”.

Malik, 27, incurred the wrath of clerics for her performance on “Big Boss”, during which she indulged in several intimate scenes with Indian actor Ashmit Patel.

Clerics accused her of shaming Pakistan in India and she also received a letter threatening to “punish” her.

“I am quite shocked after receiving this letter. First I got only verbal threats but now it is in writing,” Malik told AFP by telephone from India, where she is hosting cricket World Cup show “Big Toss”.

“Security is a concern and the Pakistani government is responsible for my and my family`s security. I hope that the government will provide me that security,” Malik said. “What can I say except that I have firm belief in God and life and death is in His hand.”

Malik said she would return to Pakistan despite the threats.

“To live in my country is my right. I am a daughter of this soil. I guarantee that I will come back to Pakistan and will live in my own country,” she said. “My hands are clean. And I have done nothing wrong. I am not the person to back out after such threats.”

Sohail Rashid, Malik`s media manager, said she had received a letter from the little-known Maulana Ahmed Masood, who claims to be a leader of Tehrik-i-Taliban.

“The letter says that Tehrik-i-Taliban had taken a decision as a Muslim to punish Veena Malik soon,” Rashid said.“We want our daughters and sisters in our homes only and Veena Malik, who is humiliating Pakistan`s name in India, will be punished soon,” Rashid quoted from the letter.
Source: Dawn