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Media role vital to highlight social issues

ISLAMABAD – Acting President Mohammedmian Soomro highlighted the role of media in projecting social issues and their solution.

Addressing the consultation on ‘Pakistani Newspaper Problems and Responsibilities’, the acting president said, “Pakistani media should play its role with prime responsibility and utmost care in offering remedial measures to the social issues.”

Soomro said: “The country’s press is totally free and they could publish and telecast whatever they want.” He said media could also play an important role in the development of the country by assisting administrative bodies towards resolving civic problems.

MAJOR ISSUE: Soomro said: “Illiteracy is the major issue facing the country and media should create awareness amongst masses on the importance of education.”

“The government is paying special attention to improve the literacy rate and the standard of education in the country,” he said, adding, “we have to accept this challenge and improve the standard of education as it is imperative for progress and prosperity of the country.”

Soomro said: “Most of the people rely on information disseminated by the press and the electronic media and the print media should provide factual information to them.

Minister of State for Culture Mohammad Ali Durrani speaking on the occasion, said: “The government believes in freedom of the press and media enjoys full freedom to highlight various issues.”

He said due to strong policies of President Musharraf, the country has entered an era of progress.

The consultation was organised by daily Khabrain in connection with its 12th year of its publication.

Source: Business Recorder