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Media group slams journalist’s killing

ISLAMABAD: The press freedom group Reporters Without Borders on Tuesday urged Pakistan to control violence after the recent killing of a journalist and an attack on a privately-owned TV station.

“If the climate of violence is not quickly brought under control, the government will not be able to say it is doing everything possible to ensure that Pakistani journalists can work in a free and safe environment,” it said.

A gunman shot dead freelance journalist Amir Wakil near his home in Rawalpindi late on Saturday, his brother told AFP.“The man fired two shots when [Wakil] was entering his home after buying milk from a nearby shop,” Kamal Azfar said. “We have no rivalry in Rawalpindi or in our village,” he said, adding that police were trying to locate the killer.

The Reporters Without Borders condemned the killing. “Although there is so far no evidence that it was linked to his work as a journalist, we call for the deployment of additional resources for the investigation and the prosecution of those responsible,” it said.

“Similarly, the authorities must consider new measures to protect privately-owned media.” On Monday, stone throwers shattered windows in a local TV channel building in Quetta, where the killing of a local politician and businessmen sparked protests.
Source: The News