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Media freedom — a blessing?

ISLAMABAD: Growing up, I spent most of my life in Islamabad, was educated in an English-medium school and had access to Western TV channels from an early age. I have 20 years of professional experience, have visited most of the Western world and have worked there for over 10 years.

Here, I am not trying to impress anyone, but I am only attempting to make a point that I do not come from a background that frowns upon the notion of giving freedom to the media. However, since April 22, I have made a decision to stop watching all Pakistani news channels. The reason was the senseless manner in which the media covered the Bhoja Air crash. Pakistani news channels do not know how to break such a story and what aspects of the tragedy to cover. Many channels aired animated versions of the tragedy, which was frankly, quite crass. Reporters need a lesson in how to talk to the victims’ family members and what kind of questions to ask them.

After I decided to stop watching Pakistani news channels, I have realised that I am feeling calmer, less demoralised and a lot more relieved of stress.

Ashar Khan

The Express Tribune