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Media faces new challenges: Chief Executive

ISLAMABAD- Media and information have a pivotal and significant role in the process of national reform, reconstruction and renewal. The access of the people to accurate information is a basic source of their empowerment and development.

The Ministry of Information and Media Development has a central and comprehensive responsibility in facilitating this process. As with most Ministries and government controlled departments and corporations that require reorganisation, there is an urgent need to rationalise the size and structure of various departments and wings as well as to enhance credibility and efficiency.

Pakistan faces major challenges in the media field, both internally and externally within the country, while supporting and strengthening a free and independent press, efforts are required to ensure that disinformation and distortion are effectively discouraged and prevented. On the external front the hostile and negative propaganda against Pakistan needs to be countered on a swift and sustained basis by projecting the truth and our many strengths as a nation.

These observations were made by the Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf during his concluding remarks while addressing the senior officials of the Ministry of Information and media chiefs and heads of media organisations at the end of a presentation made at the office of the Ministry in Islamabad on May 18th, 2000, attended by the Adviser to the Chief Executive on National Affairs, Information and Media Development and senior civil and military officials. The presentation was made to the Chief Executive by the Secretary of the Information Ministry, Khawaja Ijaz Sarwar.

The Chief Executive appreciated the sincerity and commitment of the officials and at the same time exhorted them to conduct candid self-analysis with the aim of formulating and implementing precise steps for enhancing standards of performance. On the basis of the detailed presentation, the Chief Executive took certain initial decisions.

The Chief Executive observed that the officers of the Information Group should have proper promotion prospects and assured them that the service conditions and career opportunities of the Information Group will brought at par with the other service groups of the Federal Government in consultation with the Establishment Division.

That three special groups will be constituted immediately to conduct a study of the reforms required in the Ministry of information and Media Development, in Pakistan Television (PTV) and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC). These special groups will comprise senior individuals from both outside the government and from the official sectors and will present their findings and recommendations after four weeks to the Chief Executive.

As proposed by the Ministry, a sum of Rs. 20 million was sanctioned to enable rapid and comprehensive computerisation of all offices of the Ministry and its departments along with the establishment of an Information Technology Wing to facilitate networking between all relevant officers and centres.

Source: The Nation