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Long Live Media!

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The Canvas Gallery is hosting Aamir Habib’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Media is Dead; Long Live Media!’ until March 21.

A press release issued by the gallery stated that since the advent of the radio, the newspaper has been at risk of becoming redundant, being dethroned. It subsequently begged the question, would “video really kill radio?” Today we are at a crossroads, waiting to crown the new monarch; but who or what will it be?

Media continues to exercise omnipresent influence on humanity, with digitisation being at its fulcrum of impact, and causing massive disruption for humankind, irrespective of creed, colour and religion.

Aamir Habib, artist and provocateur, encapsulates this tandem of play and represents it in his work. He displays our dependency and loathing in equal measure, leaving the tantalising question: what is the media’s role?

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