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LHC lets two sisters go with husbands

Lahore: The Lahore High Court on Monday allowed two sisters to go with their husbands with whom they had contracted love marriage without the permission of their parents.

Aalia, 20, and Shehzadi, 22, eloped with their distant relatives Imran Masood and Nabeel (both brothers) and married them on which their parents got a case of kidnap registered against the boys.

Imran Masood and Nabeel told the Lahore High Court that they had married the girls. On the last date of hearing, the parents of the girls claimed the marriage of the girls with two brothers was not yet registered on which the court summoned the nikah khawan.

On Monday Inspector Zulfiqar of Gulshan Ravi produced the nikah khawan and secretary of the union council before the court.

The nikah khawan admitted that he had performed the nikah of the two couples and their marriage was registered. When the judge asked Aalia and Shehzadi about their consent, they said they wanted to go with their husbands as they were lawfully married.

On this the Lahore High Court allowed them to go with their husbands for the time being and adjourned hearing till August 3 for further proceedings.
Source: The Nation