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LAHORE – The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has strongly condemned the, remarks of President Pervez Musharraf against the journalists and overseas Pakistanis, who have and are continuing to show their resentment over the arbitrary actions of the government.

In a statement issued here on Monday, AHRC said the international media had criticized it by saying that his comments reveals the little respect he holds for the journalists and people with independent minds.

Local student leaders in Britain have also threatened to move the British justice system, accusing the Pakistani president of inciting the Pakistani community to violence by such comments.

AHRC said such remarks showed, that President Musharraf, after taking unconstitutional and arbitrary actions including the dismissal of 55 senior judges and also resorting to attacks on demonstrations and allowing secrete agencies to engage in acts of violence against the opposition is now attempting to extend his attack also against persons who express their dissent from abroad.

The arm of repression that grips the entire democratic and rule of law system within Pakistan is now extending even to people outside, it said.

The Pakistani journalists like the Pakistani lawyers and others who have taken enormous risks to defend the constitutional rights and the independence of the judiciary and are struggling against the total abuse of power by, the Musharraf regime deserve the admiration and the support of the international community, it added.

Source: The Nation