KSA provides platform for artists to become activists -
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KSA provides platform for artists to become activists

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KARACHI: Coming across social marketing campaigns brings a smile to our faces but the effort behind their concept remains predominantly neglected.

The Karachi School of Arts’ (KSA) 47th annual theses show gives a basic idea of what happens when people collaborate to work on social campaigns. KSA communication design final year students’ campaigns have been put on display that range from emerging social issues to deeply embedded ones.

Against sensationalism

Syeda Roohina depicted the Pakistani media’s ‘breaking news’ culture with minimum detail. The impact of her message overshadowed the simplicity of her project.

She used a big glass with a straw that gave the shadow of a submarine to show how media sensationalism creates the darkest shadows from the smallest elements. People can be easily deceived to create a mountain from a molehill.

Roohina’s use of chart paper and markers established that one does not need to be extravagant to make an impression.

Food for thought

Another student, Muhammad Kashif Khan, presented a food campaign in his works. Khan tried to push the concept that poultry eggs should be preferred as opposed to local or brown eggs.

“Contrary to the belief that brown eggs are more nutritious and the feed of chicken is harmless, it is the farm eggs that are rich in Omega 3 oils,” he explained. During the course of his thesis, Khan surveyed a variety of farms and researched about the feed of local chicken. “These chickens eat anything that comes their way”, he said. “Hepatitis B can be found in them.”

To make his point, Khan depicted a housewife who is deciding between her options of work, stress and other worries. However, all her choices revolve around one thing that is health.

Abandoned treasures

The public service message against abandoning the elderly was presented by Ali Zaidi. In his works, he has portrayed the pictures of several senior citizens living in old age homes.

“The trend of old age homes is increasing in our society,” said Zaidi. “My project aims to create awareness that our elders do deserve better treatment as they are ones who raised us.”

Interestingly, Zaidi placed his campaign posters right opposite a picture of a bank that shows an old couple sitting on a bench happy for their pension and savings account.

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