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Knife attack scares lady doctor,emboldens ‘Behroopia’ husband

Karachi: Twenty eight year-old Dr Taj-un-Nisa aka Dr Farah, says she fears nothing as she has seen death from “real close”. Recently, she was attacked with a knife by her ex-husband who fears that she will expose his deeds. Her case is being taken up by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) after she recently filed for dissolution of her one-and-half-year old marriage.

The most interesting aspect of this case is that since her husband, a man of many faces is able to hoodwink people into believing he is someone important, some government officials have intervened on his behalf to save him. Ahsan-ur-Rasheed, Dr Taj-un-Nisa’s ex-husband, has been accused of using ‘novel methods’ to cheat people (using his wife’s fake identity) and has implicated her in several false cases as a means to extort money.

Rasheed attacked Dr Taj-un-Nisa near the HRCP office on Abdullah Haroon Road after she threatened to provide the FIA with relevant documents against his alleged criminal deeds. The incident, which has left her shaken, took place on May 27, 2008. A case has been registered in Preedy Police Station (FIR 333/2008). But Dr Taj-un-Nisa alleges that it is ironic that her ex-husband is getting the support of some government officials in his bid to teach her a lesson. “I was tired of my ex-husband’s frauds. He was cheating people at every point and had been using my fake identity for all his dealings,” Dr Taj-un-Nisa told The News. She said that a few days after her marriage in July 2006, Ahsan-ur-Rasheed compelled Dr Taj-un-Nisa to apply for a fake Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) in the name of “Dr Farah” and help him with his dealings. These included applying for loans from various banks (using Dr Farah as the guarantor). Other novel methods included registering fake FIRs of stolen cars to claim insurance and also arranging for illegal motor vehicle registration books.

Initially Dr Taj-un-Nisa said she was unable to refuse being party to these crimes. However, after a few months she refused to comply and threatened to file a complaint against his acts. She also filed a case seeking ‘khula’ from Rasheed as he did not mend his ways. But for this, she paid a heavy price later when she was attacked by him.

According to details provided by Investigating Officer (IO) Waheed Siddiqui of Preedy PS, a case against Rasheed has been registered under section 324 of the PPC (Pakistan Penal Code), which states that “attempt to murder is punishable with imprisonment for a period that may extend to ten years…and if hurt is caused to any person by such a act, the offender shall, in addition, also be liable to fine.” Siddiqui added that two eyewitnesses have also recorded their statement. “The witnesses said Dr Taj was attacked by two men on a motorbike. We are now investigating whether or not those two men were her husband and brother-in-law — as stated by Dr Taj.” Rasheed was remanded to jail custody on Monday, June 9 until his next hearing on June 14. However, the case is not open and shut. The News has learnt that the Deputy Director of Regional Office of Human Rights, Siddiq Brohi, personally visited the police station on June 9 to “settle” the case after receiving “orders” from the Federal Ministry of Human Rights. While Dr Taj-un-Nisa said the evidence against her ex-husband is too strong that he cannot go scot-free. Brohi, when contacted by The News dismissed the allegation that he was supporting the husband and assured that “he would offer Dr Taj-un-Nisa full support after studying her case carefully.”

Sharing further details of her case, Dr Taj-un-Nisa told The News that Rasheed was her second husband. She was initially married to one of her paternal cousins in 2003, who divorced her three months after their marriage as he was settled abroad and was unable to arrange for her visa. She has a four-year-old daughter from her first marriage. “The decision to end that marriage was mutual because I could not go aboard and my [first] husband refused to settle in Pakistan.” After this unfortunate episode, Dr Taj-un-Nisa said she was reluctant to marry until one of her family friends introduced her to Rasheed and convinced her to settle down again. “I was content with my daughter and ran a small clinic through which I earned enough, but my parents forced me to re-marry under societal pressure,” she recalls with a great sense of regret.

At the time of their marriage, said Dr Taj-un-Nisa, Rasheed had introduced himself as a doctor and on inquiring, produced a fake degree of MBBS. “I did not start suspecting until one day I asked him to read a medical prescription, after which he admitted that he had lied to my parents. That was the first time I felt really cheated, but I had no choice.” From her earnings through her clinic, she continued to support him and his illegal business financially under intense pressure. According to the HRCP investigation, Rasheed had also obtained an illegal lease of a plot in Saeedabad and constructed the ‘Mohammadi Market’, where he carried out his day-to-day dealings of receiving loans. “My clinic was also set up in the market so he could call me to his office anytime he needed me to sign an illegal document.”

A few months later, Rasheed — whom she refers to as a “Behroopia” (masquerader) — insisted that she end her business and start teaching at a Madrassa as “that is the only path to heaven”. “Some unknown bearded men and veiled women started visiting our house near Superhighway. They appeared to be of Bengali, Burmese and Afghan origin. They convinced my husband to support them in their Jihad.” Rasheed then grew a beard and compelled her to wear a hijab, which she refused to do. “He used to abuse me physically but I did not stop going to my clinic,” she said adding that her education and courage was her strength.

Since Rasheed was a convincing liar, said Dr Taj-un-Nisa, she had difficulty in telling her parents that her husband was involved in illegal activities. However, she managed to collect the documentary proof of his dealings, which she later used to threaten him while she was staying at her parents’ house — located a few blocks away from her ex-husband’s residence. “Since my parents lived in the same area, there was no way I could escape from threats issued by his accomplices who tried to implicate me in several false cases,” she recalls, further alleging that “even the officials of the Sachal Police Station (the area police) seemed to be under his influence.”

Meanwhile, Dr Taj-un-Nisa filed a complaint against her husband with 22 relevant government officials including the local police to the relevant town officials and the Governor Sindh to look into her case and provide her with protection, but none have responded so far. “Considering how well connected my ex-husband is, I am not surprised why they haven’t.” Eventually, the doctor was compelled to contact an NGO for help – the HRCP — who provided her with legal assistance and protection.

Dr Taj-un-Nisa obtained khula on May 31, 2008 and says she is now confident enough to fight her case as she has copies of all the relevant documents to prove her allegations. The documents include Rasheed’s letter of confession in which he admits his crimes. “He had gone to the extent of accusing me of being involved in the women trafficking business and filed a case in

the FIA. I just can’t take it anymore now especially that he has attacked me publicly as well,” said the doctor adding that after coming so close to death, she ‘fears nothing now’.
Source: The News