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Karachi swings as Latin funk comes to town

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Karachi The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) was turned into the site of a massive carnival Wednesday evening as Group Fantasma, a Latin Funk Orchestra from Austin, Texas, churned out a memorable performance.

The members of the nine-piece Grammy Award-winning group formed in 2000, which rendered Latin American numbers collected from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, were namely Jose Galeano (timbales, vocals); Kino Asparza (vocals, hand percussions); Beto Martinez (guitar); Greg Gonzales (bass); John Speice (drums); Matthew Holmes (congas); Gilbert Elorrega (trumpet); Josh Levy (baritone); and Mark Gonzales (trombone).

All nine of them had total mastery over their instruments and rendered 18 melodies in a well coordinated performance. The rather compact courtyard of the IVS resonated to the music and the toe-tapping melody of the group.

All the numbers had that characteristic vivacious Latin American beat, loud at times but highly rhythmic and melodious. They played all 18 numbers continuously with no interval in between.

One of the really vivacious melodies they presented was titled, ‘Cumbianchera’. It was highly appreciated by the audience who were most passionately applauding along with the beat.

As much as their musical talent (or even more) was their power to sway the audience who continuously danced to the beat of the groovy numbers. There came a juncture when almost all the chairs were empty as the occupants were all on their feet to the beat of the music.

So involved and engrossed were the audience, that it could safely be said the group had them enraptured.

The best part of the story was that pupils of the low-income locality schools had also been invited and they fully partook of the fun.

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